We are starting to see a rise in the on-premise keg sales across the board here in Colorado. It feels like restaurants and our on-premise partners are getting back to their schedules with draft sales as the world starts to reopen. Off-premise and package sales have been a major driver for us at CSA in recent months due to COVID-19, brief (very brief) alcohol purchasing restrictions. We are continually gauging the alcohol purchasing climate and adjust based on the ever changing information.

However, we are still bringing the HEAT 🔥 when it comes to bringing in new beers, ciders, and hard kombucha and keeping the craft scene alive and poppin’ in Colorado. Whether you enjoy a cold beverage at a restaurant, socially distanced at home or on your weekend adventures we are dedicated to getting you the freshies. Let’s get into the new releases this week…

Crooked Stave

Our sister company bring us TWO new brews for Colorado distribution this week! First, is the East Coast Juicy IPA. This IPA is Double Dry Hopped with Citra, Sabra and Azacca hops brewed with the traditional New England style. This beer is the counterpart to West Coast Juicy IPA that made a splash in June with big hop character.


The second new release from Crooked Stave is their Strawberry Coconut Milkshake IPA! This Milkshake IPA is brewed with strawberry, toasted coconut, milk sugar, and vanilla. Hoppy and creamy flavor marry perfectly in this new 16 oz. can of awesome.

Eden Specialty Cider

All Heirloom Everything! We have two new cans coming from our friends in Vermont. Eden Ciders pride themselves on crafting locally sourced, sustainably grown apples that picked at pressed at peak harvest. They don’t add sweeteners or preservatives and they are produced once a year at harvest when the fruit is packed with all of it’s delicious flavor. Deep Cut is dry and hazy with fruit forward notes and ZERO grams of sugar per can. Peak Bloom is off-dry, clean, refreshing and everything you want in a cider.


Corvus Coffee

Needing a pick-me-up? We will be distributing our Colorado friends Corvus Coffee’s new Nitro Dead Reckoning Seasonal Blend. A depth of flavor with espresso and a chocolate base ending in a velvety mouthfeel. Washed Corrego beans from Brazil provide the chocolate base and a blend of natural/washed Tumba beans from Rwanda for a structured acidity and fruit forward sweetness. Overall a balanced, sweet espresso that is not too bitter.