This week we are featuring some brand new suppliers that we are absolutely pumped about from the great state of Oregon! There must be something in the water out there because the PNW is home to some of our best selling brands and we are happy to add a few more to our portfolio.


Suzie’s Organic Hard Seltzer

We cannot be more proud and excited to announce our latest partnership with Suzie’s 100% USDA Certified Organic Hard Seltzer! That sure is a mouthful but they certainly didn’t take the easy route when making Mother Nature’s Hard Seltzer. As we know being certified organic is not an easy task or an inexpensive feat but we think it matters what consumers are putting into their bodies. Every ounce of liquid in Suzie’s products use 100% USDA Organic ingredients. They are not only organic but they are also sugar-free and very low-calorie making them a one of a kind seltzer. All of their Organic Hard Seltzers come in at 0 grams of sugar, 100 calories, 2 carbs, 5% ABV and a kiss of fruit flavor. 

Their best-selling Variety Pack contains 4 very different fruit flavors CitrusFlipKiwiMangoPeachy and VerryBerry. All flavors are 100% organic, sugar-free, low-calorie with that hint of your favorite fruit flavor. No harmful chemicals for your body or the environment were used in the making of Suzie’s Organic Hard Seltzer. They may be a new name in the ever growing Hard Seltzer category but they will become a household name for the health conscious drinker soon enough! 


Little Beast Brewing

When I think of the best beer cities in the US, there’s a few cities that immediately come to mind. One of them being Portland, Oregon. Whenever I’m in one of these cities, brewery after brewery does not fail to impress. Does it have to do with the rich historic beer culture and history? The water? Most likely it’s a combination of these things that put them at a hierarchy for beer standards. 

Little Beast from Portland is no exception and even with a fantastically crowded beer scene, they still stand out. Started by Charles Porter (formerly from Logsdon Farmhouse Ale and Upland Brewing), Little Beast is making world-class beers from IPAs to lagers to Belgian beers to sours. Fortunately for us we have a little bit of each to go around. Take Pine Top IPA which is a resinous west-coast IPA with citrus-y grapefruit, pine and some bitterness on the backend. This beer perfectly embodies the type of IPA I expect when I visit Portland. Flemish Gold exhibits what they can do with historic Belgian yeasts Chimay and Westmalle. A touch of each yeast makes this clean yet floral and an appropriate slightly phenolic nose. Be careful with this one at over 8%. The ABV does not show in this deceptively strong brew. 


Breakside Brewery

India Golden Ale makes its return to CSA after over a 3 year hiatus. Originally brewed in 2013, IGA is an unfiltered double IPA with El Dorado, Mosaic and Chinook that helped change the course of IPAs. This beer is all about the hops. A light malt bill allows tropical fruit, blueberries and candied pineapple to dance on the pallet. At over 8% ABV the alcohol is well hidden and this is one of the more crushable “west-coast” DIPAs around. This has been a house favorite for years and we are ecstatic to welcome IGA back to CSA.