With the holidays coming around faster than we were prepared for, we at CSA Distributing love this time of year. The darker days keep us looking forward to the comfort we find in the seasonal offerings that warm us up from the inside out. Rich, malty, dark beers and the spice of everything nice are what the beer drinker’s holidays are made of.

We have some excellent restocks and brand spankin’ new brews that will spice up your holiday celebrations. Let’s get into the weekly release…


Verboten Brewing

Built on the premise of experimental beers, Verboten is known to push the boundaries and make some eyebrow raising brews to intrigue the palate. Verboten’s beers will embrace the trend of incorporating fruit and spice, barrel aging and other distinctive ingredients and processes that continue to separate them from the competition.

Their Stealth Haze IPA is fluffy, aromatic and a shining example of a beautifully executed, hazy IPA. Killer Boots comes in swinging with oodles of house-made caramel added at the end of fermentation in order to up the ante on the American Porter style that leaves you wanting more. Last, but certainly not least, TOSO is their take on the American Wheat style by adding copious amounts of orange blossom honey and orange puree to their expressive wheat beer, making it floral, and citrusy. All beers of exceptional quality from one of the best local producers in Colorado.


Fremont Brewing

Every so often there is a beer that becomes a yearly tradition. Fremont has secured one of our most anticipated yearly releases for our employees. The barrel-aged B-Bomb is an Imperial Winter Ale that boasts distinct bourbon, oak, cacao, leather, toffee, and dark coffee notes from its extended barrel aging process. Clocking in at 12.8% this bomber is so thick and delicious it deserves to be shared with everyone on the nice list… and the naughty list too!


Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers

Full, dark and malty the Red Tape Amber Lager from Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers is a brand spankin’ new brew that we hope sticks around for years to come.  Red Tape has rich flavors of toffee and caramel, typical of Bavarian dark lagers. We also received Kiwi Rising and restocks on some of our tried and true favorites like Post Shift Pilsner, House Lager and their 12 pack variety packs.

Although many of our holiday plans look differently this year we can all get our hands on some amazing seasonal beers from around the nation.