Bend, OR based brewery partners with CSA Distributing for full-time distribution in Colorado!

Denver, CO – March 2022 – Boneyard Beer is set to become a main-stay in the Colorado beer market. With previous part-time distribution, Boneyard Beer will officially launch full-time distribution in the Colorado beer market March 14, 2022. They will be launching with one seasonal SKU plus their core lineup: RPM IPA, Hop Venom IPA and Incredible Pulp. 

Boneyard Beer owner, Tony Lawrence said, “Our relationship technically pre-dates Crooked Stave if we look all the way back to the early days of starting a brewery. We started out self-distributing to Bend, Eugene, and Portland to earn our keep and brew more beer. Yetta Vorobik-Yakobson, owner and President of CSA, previously owner/operator of The Hop & Vine in Portland was one of our very first accounts. Crooked Stave and Boneyard have grown up together in their respective craft beer meccas of Portland and Denver, and we couldn’t be happier to build on that long standing relationship and send more beer to the CSA Team! We also have a deep connection to Colorado through several of our employees excited to share Boneyard with where they call home. Denver has specifically had a  ‘craft beer allure’ to me, making the pilgrimage to Denver each year for GABF, the Craft Brewers’ Conference, brewery, and tavern tours. Having Boneyard in the streets of Denver and throughout Colorado is an honor! Our goal is to continue to produce high quality liquids and share those with the people we care about most.”

The demand for Boneyard Beer among craft beer enthusiasts is apparent . They have built a high demand and brand awareness through their part-time distribution and scarcity within the Colorado market already. Boneyard is sure to stand out among the competition with their unique branding and laundry list of medals from the Great American Beer Festival, Best of Craft Beer Awards, and the North American Beer Awards.

Senior Brand Manager, Jim Hunt stated, “We cannot begin to express our excitement to have Boneyard Beer in Colorado year-round! CSA Distributing began working with Boneyard way back in 2015 when Boneyard only produced draft. We were only allocated a few pallets at a time, and the demand far outweighed the supply as time went on, our friendship grew and we started ordering more draft beer when their production allowed. It still wasn’t enough, and over the years, Boneyard has become a ‘legacy’ brand in Colorado. For years we’ve been getting the question, ‘When will Boneyard be back in town?’. Well the wait is over, and now we’ll be able to send Boneyard far and wide to every corner of the state. We cannot wait to continue growing our partnership with Boneyard and make them a staple in our market.”